About Us

Our aim is to offer affordable, quality dental care and cosmetic solutions to the residents of Cranbourne and surrounding areas. Our philosophy is providing and empowering patients with comprehensive oral health care that safely improves oral health and wellness.

We appreciate putting your trust and faith in a new dentist is a significant event for most people so we would like to thank you for giving us that opportunity and want to assure that we will do our very best to look after you.

We would also like to thank all concerned, both patient and staff- for their loyalty and patronage over the past 12 years – and look forward to continuing our care and success in the future.

Our enthusiastic dental team includes four dentists, three dental nurses, one of whom is a trainee dental nurse and one practice manager. Our practice has 2 treatment rooms with one additional room for expansion.

Our practice was assembled in 2011, with the clear ambition of providing accessible and a very high level of dental care to the community. Ever since then, our practice has evolved into what you see today, with the best patient care and treatments possible.


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