Long term Dental Health Depends On Regular Visits To Your Dentist

Long term Dental Health Depends On Regular Visits To Your Dentist

Your teeth might not seem that important when you’re young, the thought of getting older and losing your teeth or having an ugly yellow gummy smile seems far too remote to even think about. Going to the dentist is just a hassle, there are far better things to do with your time and a visit to the dentist is way down on your list of priorities.

Wrong! Regular visits to the dentist, for routine checkups, remedial dental care and dental hygiene sessions, is equally important for babies, children and adults alike. At no point can it be said that a visit to the dentist is a waste of time when considering the importance of your teeth.

As early as one year of age your dentist will be able to add value to the health of your baby’s teeth by checking that their teeth are cutting through properly and are correctly spaced and that there are no problems with your baby’s gums. Many parents discount these early visits as a total waste of time under the incorrect and misguided assumption that the way baby teeth grow has no impact on adult teeth.

The lack of adequate dental care in young children means that currently over 25% of children under four years of age (in the USA) have cavities in their teeth! One strong reason to make sure you stick to the routine of taking your children to the dentist every six months from the age of one year.

For children, it’s important that they learn all about the need for correct dental care. Parents banging on about cleaning and flossing teeth can go in one ear and out the other but learning all about the correct way to care for teeth, and the consequences if you don’t, from the dentist and dental hygienist can make all the difference.

The thought of going to the dentist can be quite daunting for many children especially those who have had a bad experience so it’s important that your children get used to the dentist from a very young age and that you choose your family dentist wisely.

Try and find a dentist who specialises in the care of children’s teeth although that doesn’t always mean that the dentist is right for your family. A recommendation from other mothers is often a good starting point and one way of checking how careful and patient a dentist is likely to be with your children is to go for a check up yourself.

A good dentist shouldn’t mind answering any questions or allaying any concerns you might have over taking your child to the dentist. Find out how your dentist is going to work with your child to make sure they are comfortable sitting in a dentist chair and how they are going to track and monitor the ongoing development of your child’s teeth.

The dentist you choose now will directly influence the condition of your child’s teeth in years to come so it’s worth putting in a little effort to make sure you get the best possible family dentist.

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