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Dentist in Cranbourne – Our First Blog

Welcome to our blog! As part of our effort to be the better Dentist in Cranbourne, we have created this blog and plan to fill it with some great content over time. We will do our best to add some interesting facts, articles or insights from the Dental Industry whenever we get a chance.

For today we’ll start with some fun dental related facts!

– Every persons set of teeth is unique! Just like everyone has their own unique set of finger prints, everyone also has their own unique set of teeth!

– Certain types of cheese can actually help to protect your teeth from things like decay

– If you are a right handed person, you will tend to chew your food with the right side of your mouth. The reverse applies if you are left handed!

We know that’s not much, but we hope we have enticed you slightly for what is to come in our Dentist Cranbourne blog!